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Kyle Sheldon-Chandler

165 Little Park Road

Grand Junction, CO 81507

(T) 970.812.0192

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Kyle Sheldon-Chandler

 2011 Virtual Assistant of the Year

Small business owners, financial planners, and entrepreneurs....

Is your business running you, instead of you running your business?

Are you struggling to get everything done?

Running your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful.

I’m Kyle Sheldon-Chandler and I am the owner of KSC Virtual Assistant Services. I provide passionate entrepreneurs life and business solutions.

By using my services, you’ll eliminate tedious and time-consuming administrative and marketing tasks without the costs and hassles of on-site employees. And I will guarantee you receive high quality, timely, and confidential business support.

Wouldn’t you rather have:

  • more time for your family?
  • more free time for concentrating on your clients?
  • those to-do’s you hate off your desk and in reliable hands?
  • the opportunity to work on the tasks that excite you?
  • someone who supports your work and is a sounding board for your ideas?
  • the energy to focus on taking your business to the next level?

KSC Virtual Assistant Services is your one stop to simplify your life and give you more time and energy to work on the things that matter most to you.

If you’re ready to get started, please click here to e-mail me and find out more of what I can do to help you on your journey to success.

Or, click here to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation consultation!

I look forward to working with you.

Kyle Sheldon-Chandler


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